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Deviantmon: kawaiinekodesu by DimentionQueen Deviantmon: kawaiinekodesu by DimentionQueen
For the Deviantart 8th birthday Deviantmon contest. And yes, I overused the color dodge brush on purpose. its super shininess is its evil power. And its pink. The color of evil. :XD: (Hope this is the right category)

If you can't read the description on the image, her it is:

Possibly the most terrifying of all Deviantmon, the Kawaiinekodesu has been rumored to be able to permanently blind people with its super shininess. As with all Deviantmon, it communicates by repeating parts of its name. This has been reported to sound suspiciously like “Fangirl Japanese.” It has the ability to incapacitate its opponents by shooting giant lens flares from its mouth. Another powerful move is its Yaoi-vision. When shot with this preverbal “Gay Ray,” the victim is deluded into thinking that every male character in every anime and manga in existence has homosexual tendencies. The Kawaiinekodesu often spends its days inflicting horrible yaoi animu fan art on the internets. It is under the wrong impression that lens flares and “moar dodge plz” makes for better art. As its art is so horrible, it gains faves and watchers by hypnotizing fellow Deviantmon with its magic dodge wand. Though weak in defense, the Kawaiinekodesu is not to be trifled with, especially by giving constructive criticism. It usually commands a large army of obsessive zombies who can be summoned with a ring of the magic bell on its tail. These zombies are usually part of the Kawaiinekodesu’s fan club and have no qualms against sacrificing themselves for the safety of their leader. If all else fails, all enemies of the Kawaiinekodesu will find themselves mysteriously banned...

EDIT: I got honorable mention! Yay! [link]
ordinaryundone Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's hilarious...and...ack, so true!
Tychea Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your entry!
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